Previously in “Growing mobile app downloads through app promotion” you understood how to increase app downloads significantly. Now let’s try to understand How we increase users engagement in downloaded app.

Lets assume our friend Sammer launched android app for tracking friends and family. Sammer want his app to be a self learning experience for user so he did not include any instructions or guidelines at first few interaction of user with app. He thought this could be a challenging activity for people to find out how it works and “finding out how it works” experience can correlate with “tracking” someone.

Sammer uses all techniques and tricks mentioned in “Growing mobile app downloads through app promotion” and manage to get enough app downloads.

But hey, something went wrong and people just don’t feel like using it after giving first few shots. After few days tracking app turned into dust on shelf and our friend Sammer don’t know what to do next.Let’s see how we can help him.

Data says “Average app looses 77% of its users in first 3 days and the average app loses 90% of its DAUs (Daily active users) within 30 days of initial install, while 95% of users rejecting it outright after 90 days.”

Having a great app idea and getting people to download it is just not enough. You will hardly (most probably never in such crowded app market) get second chance to make first impression.You need to also focus on “How to engage users after app download”

Onboarding is where you should be spending half of your time during app development.

Onboarding covers User experience (Ux) which includes every possible interaction users may have with your app, how efficient and functional app is and is it behaving in a satisfactory or a step ahead delightful manner it supposed to be.

Poor quality of User onboarding flow will not only make people unhappy, frustrated about your product but also will fail on promises made at time of app promotions and result in uninstall, bad reviews and low ratings .Irrespective how your app suppose to make users life easy by being a pain reliever or a remover make sure your Ux helps them to do that as in easy, effortless and delightfully possible manner.

Think about all possible interruption and uses cases while users interact with your app, how and by what they will get distracted and may go away from your app. Think how you can bring them back in.

For example – App like Voodoo doing an awesome job here. Users tend to hop from one app to another to find best deals whether it’s getting a cab, electronics or household items. Voodoo hover over your opened app and make shopping convenient, easier, efficient and fun loving experience for you. It allows user to effortlessly move from one app to another to picks up the best offers available and serves users in best way.


Image – Voodoo suggesting Cheapest & nearest car option available from TFS in open app of Uber


As said earlier you should also focus on first time user on boarding experience. The entire league of successful and heavily downloaded apps doesn’t have to explain people how they supposed to use it. They required little or no guidance at all because of their simplicity. So if it’s necessary to keep introductory story make sure it is short and simple which covers all basics of your app. If app have complex functionalities, instruction you can introduced them at time of use cases not at onboarding.

What else you can do –

  • Keep it interactive (allow people to take action instead of describing info)
  • Painless login (name, number, gender ?. Just allow login through social media)
  • Show them finish line (nobody like to stay guided, help them to see how close they are to finish line)

This could be just a start to retaining your acquired users, there are whole bunch of things you can do to make it more effective –

  • Timely push notification (Myntra doing an awesome job here. They have creative, funny,beautifully crafted push notification to bring you back in)

Myntra Push Notifications

Image – Myntra Push Notifications

This could also go wrong at times..Check out below few failed attempts-

Image – Thrillophilia accidently sends out testing notification to all users while Tripoto pushed blank notification.


Image – Amazon at times push notification twice.


  • Push notification can also be put forward as simple “Hey” from a old friend who is not in touch from past few days

For example – Image – Flipkart do this quite smartly.


What else you can do –

  • Keep Push Notification message urgent, timely bound.
  • Be there at right time to bring them back in.
  • Custom alert tone to Push Notification.Music, News app do this effectively
  • Customized Push Notification to restricted users.
  • Text messages along with Push Notification to engage users out of app

Dig in deep in your data, find out patters look out for set users, how frequently and for what and how they using you app for. Build a hypothesis, test notifications and bring them back in and as I always say Don’t overdo it.

Many thinks email is becoming invalid with rise of app revolution but I believe it’s still a great weapon if you can use it smartly. (I will try my to explain this in next essay)

Well thought User experience makes user’s life easy,painless and productive while effective onboarding flow restrict people from uninstalling app. Happy users results in better rating and reviews while innovative Push notification along with text and email will help you to reach and engage your users.

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