With the explosion of smartphone growth every entrepreneur with innovative idea think about mobile app first. They build up a team, discuss, brainstorm and come up with MVP within few months. This is why android users were able to choose between 1.3 million apps so far and number is increasing every day while apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.2 million available apps as of that month, July 2014

After submitting an app generally entrepreneurs relax, sit back and just wait magic to happen. Magic that will increase their app download numbers and then they wait…and still wait…

According to data source 60% app never get downloaded and just remain on shelf.

Every great journey starts with a single step so as launching a mobile app. Launching is just the beginning but what is more important is to let know concerned customers or even the whole world that you are available are ready to use.

In digital marketing landing page plays a significant role in hooking up customers, first impression decides the future action user will make. Just like that app store landing page also needs to optimize for search queries user might have.

For example – Zomato – Food and menu reviews app for 150 cities across India,UK, UAE, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and many more created beautiful landing page.


Zomato android app landing page
Image – Zomato android app landing page


Zomato uses keywords which are optimization tags submitted to app store like “Food, Food review, Review, Top restaurant, Restaurant, Food delivery, online food”. This helps Zomato to become discoverable when people search for their need or an app which provides services wished for.


Zomato optimized search result for "Restaurant"
Image – Zomato optimized search result for “Restaurant”


In search results Keywords play important role for getting more downloads. Make sure you select the right ones and avoid repetition, generally use single words not phrases. So instead of “Food reviews” use “food, reviews.”


Search result for food review
Search result for food review


Zomato makes sure their page style match with their solid color icon with no words on it.


Image – Zomato android app icon


Zomato first description line communicates their value, what they do how many restaurants they have and when you can use them.




They have almost 14 screenshots with description which explain the flow of action even before you can download the app


Zomato app screenshot
Image – Zomato app screenshot


If you have above basics ready with some budget you can try install ads which will direct people for app download. These promoted ads can be run on different digital platform to targeted audiences who are looking for similar services.

Search engine giant Google and other social platform like facebook, Twitter, yahoo. Tumblr, Amazon can be used to play these ads .Now you can even runpaid or sponsored Search Ads in Google Play store search result pages.

To start with you can use Google’s Search, display or video ads. For display ads on display network, your ads can be seen while people are searching for other apps. You can show your app icon, screenshot or a custom text of your app.

For search ads, your ad will show up when searches use the keywords you’re bidding on. So in case of Zomato their app will show up for search result like “online food delivery or top restaurants.”


Image – Search result after “online food delivery”. Faasos top in chart as bid is higher


YouTube’s TrueView ads can appear on both on YouTube and other publisher sites in the Display Network for desktop computers and high-end mobile devices. You can try longer product demos, customer testimonials, or a how-to video demonstrating your app in action. When people click on ad, they will be directed to app store landing page.

Along with this you can literally add CTA for app downloads on assets you own like Website, blog, email communication, text messages, and social media accounts etc but just make sure you don’t overdo this which might results in bad user experience. Google had announced after November 1, 2015 mobile web pages that show an app install interstitial that hides a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page will no longer be considered mobile-friendly. So again don’t overdo it.

Encourage and request people for feedback and ratings, reply fast and promptly to any issues they are facing. Apps like Apptentive also helps to boost downloads by creating in app help center. This will not only increase downloads abut also increase good customers experience.

What else you can do –

  • Crafting a beautiful, engaging story behind app invention and promoting it on all available platform
  • App download page on website
  • Regularly promoting app on social media platforms
  • Engaging video series which will not only entertain but also educate
  • Get app reviews by industry influencers, blog writers, app rating websites etc
  • Push app through offline channels like niche magazines or newspaper.
  • Create an offline activity to engage users with app

To summarize –

To increase app downloads you have to be patient and need to invest more energy and efforts, getting found is critical problem now but a good problem to solve. Consistent efforts will ensure smooth traffic .

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