This simple truth – that presence at the right time when the user needs you the most determines the success of marketing – has been known for a long time; in fact for as long as the first successful sale is recorded.

But if it is true that people have known for centuries what it takes to be a marketing genius and take product/service to the peak of success, why do questions linger in this regards? Why some of us grow helpless and try to find new solutions/platforms every day? In a chaotic over-communicated world, I guess there could be two good explanations for this recurring failure.

In the first place, the kind of knowledge – or wisdom – one needs for crafting a successful digital marketing strategy is not quantitative. It cannot be cumulated and tied into a formula for repetition.

It cannot be memorized like a mathematical formula and applied routinely.


Just like any other complex form of expertise, such as a mature diagnosis of complex health situation or a cultivated taste of a chef, it is earned through trial-and-error individually, one after other. Intelligence and commitment are also required – in some proportions if not equally.

It is no longer enough to know how to do it; one must do it, consistently, the same way how musicians, chess players, soldiers keep practicing what they know in theory every day but this is an easy progress and much faster once you know how to modify mistakes and leverage the experiences.

Second, the knowledge of how to do marketing in a certain way must be reformulated every time the requirement changes.

The requirement can refer to product/services, target audience, geographies, demographics, time etc. The wisdom of old fashioned offline marketers might be excellent in their own rights or the best but they start losing their power when those rules are applied to modern-over-communicated-world with multi-screen access and shortest ever attention span. We are dealing with a highly distracted audience. The classic marketers understand very well some elements – those that are specific to their time and conditions but when we try to apply the same on digital vehicles, the path to success does not seem any close. The conditions in which we live today are changing rapidly – it becomes necessary to rethink and reformulate what it takes to establish a right Digital Marketing success path

Old time offline winners struggle, they limp back to where they started often because of a self-inflicted handicap against Digital media.

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Given the need to establish the path of success bring back to the central question as to how to achieve mastery and how present state of quality resources practice it. Before starting to explore ways and strategy to reach a target audience it will be useful to review briefly how to gain required knowledge and what it means to “reformulate” digital marketing.

Armed with this knowledge, one can more easily walk on the path of Digital Success!

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